Worth reading: Ebuild’s 2009 Most Valuable Products

Check out Ebuild’s 2009 jury selected MVP or Most Valuable Products.  It’s all about innovation and energy efficiency this year.

I really like the Karbon kitchen faucet, great for those who like intriguing design and exactness and efficiency in your dishwashing or food preparation methodology.

Designed with multiple, moveable joints, the faucet allows you to position and lock water flow exactly where you need it. You can extend the faucet fully to fill large pots, lower it into the sink for food preparation and cleanup, fold it compactly out of the way when not in use, or position it anywhere in between.

Products range from energy-saving roofing and solar water heaters to “haute couture for your shower”. Check it out.

The ugliest front door in America

Therma-Tru Ugly Door Contest Winner

Who wants to admit their front door is an eyesore and the “ugliest door in America”? Quite a few people actually, which shouldn’t be surprising as the warts ‘n’ all reality makeover is now a staple of the home improvement industry. Therma-Tru Doors has just announced the winners of their Third Annual Ugliest Door in America Contest.

The grand prize winner is shown left, selected from over 200 entrants. To enter homeowners had to submit 2 photos and an essay explaining why their front door deserves to be named as the Ugliest Door in America; “worst in show” wins.

Judging was done by a team of 6 home improvement industry professionals including consultants from HGTV, Qualified Remodeler, the “On The House” radio show, and Home magazine.

The 2 winners will each receive a $3000 – $5000 front door makeover.

To see the winners and later the makeover results, visit www.myuglydoor.com.

Top remodelers & renovators honored at Chrysalis Awards

Looking for a showcase of real remodeling jobs with real budgets & real results (as opposed to those unlimited budget jobs we see on home and garden TV)? Reflecting current trends? With beautiful workmanship? In your area? Look no further than the Chrysalis Awards, a website dedicating to celebrating “the finest remodeling projects in the United States”. The awards for 2006 were just presented at the Southern Building Show.

The judges are editors and publishers from the Home & Garden industry: Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Day’s Home Remodeling & Makeovers, Southern Living Magazine and Sunset Magazine.

The judging criteria?

The projects are judged on design, use of materials, use of space and integration into the existing space. What makes these projects so relevant to you is that these judges apply their training to select project they want the public to see…just as they would do in their publications.

This makes it a little different from other industry awards which are typically awarded by trade associations. It’s very consumer oriented and attuned to what homeowners want to see.

Browse the Chrysalis Awards award winners index to find top renovators & remodelers (and design ideas) in your area.

Or check out our hire a home improvement contractor blog to see photos from award winners in the northeastern states.

Source: Qualified Remodeler via Kitchen & Bath Business.

Innovative leveller sytem stabilizes wobbly and unsafe ladders

Base Mate Professional Ladder Stabilizer

The Base Mate Professional Ladder Stabilizer is a “revolutionary” solution to unstable and unsafe ladders for both do-it-yourselfers and home improvement professionals.

The Basemate Ladder Leveller … is an ingenious arc of hardened steel that cuts the risk of falls by allowing ladders to remain stable on uneven ground.

Opposing locks on each side of the arc replace the feet of a standard ladder. As the locks are released, the arc slides over until its rubber treads are firmly on the ground while the ladder stays plumb.
- Vancouver Sun

It looks easier to use than traditional ladder levellers. To see just how easy, watch the video available at the Base Mate website. You lean your ladder, tap-release the lock with your foot, and start climbing. Pretty cool!

The Base Mate Professional Ladder Stabilizer has been tested, used and now endorsed by Mike Holmes who calls it “the smartest foot system of any ladder leveler on the market”.

Some Specs & Features:

  • wider base which gives added support / stability to extension ladders
  • strong enough for the heaviest construction ladders
  • exceeds Grade 1 CDN and type 1A USA ladder requirements by 20%
  • made of hardened steel
  • insured by Lloyds of London
  • patented triple action locking system with one foot operation
  • installation to most fiberglass, aluminum and wood extension ladders (12” to 20” rung width)
  • weight tested to 1,200 pounds

Check it out at the Base Mate website. The Base Mate Professional Ladder Stabilizer is available in Canada and the UK. Hopefully US distribution will be coming soon; the distributor plans to launch in the US after finding success in other markets.

Note: The system was originally developed in 2001 by home improvement contractor Martin Dennis (Surrey’s Precision Gutters). It received the “most innovative product” award at the Canadian Hardware and Building Materials Show the same year but hasn’t been professionally marketed until recently. Just goes to show you that brilliant ideas do not go out of style.

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