Movable electrical power outlets: Eubiq is unique

Eubiq in the Kitchen

Eubiq (“electricity ubiquitous”) brings you something unique for your home: the movable electrical power outlet. Meet the Eubiq Power Track System, a sleek, elegantly designed electrical power outlet alternative that lets you “add, remove and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere – by just a simple twist”.

The Eubiq Power System gives you more convenience, flexibility, and choice. It eliminates the need for snaking electrical extension cords and having to move furniture to get to electrical power outlets. The system is available as 110V or 230V and in 2 prong, 3 prong or high capacity electrical outlets versions.

Eubiq Power Track System Power Point Steps

The electrical outlets (“power points”) are mounted on a track as shown above and right. Power points can be positioned anywhere on the track. You simply twist and pull to remove and push / twist to insert elsewhere. Power points are independent of each other. You can also add extra power points to an existing track. Special adapters are needed to actually plug in; adapters are available for Britain, Germany, India, Australia and Japan. The product will be available in North America once it gets UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval later this year.

The Eubiq Power System is child safe. The track is designed to prevent the electrical parts from being touched. Stick your finger in, nothing happens. The power points have a “patented Grounded Sentry Shutter system that prevents users from touching the live wire parts”. The system has received ASTA BEAB Safety and Quality Product Certification in the UK as well as KTL Safety and Quality Product Certification; more safety certifications are sure to follow.

The Eubiq Power Track System will be available in various lengths and should retail for about $30 / ft. Each track system comes with 3 power points or electrical outlets.

Props: Sci Fi Tech Blog via Cool Gadgets.

Check out the Eubiq demo & website for more information. All photos are from Eubiq’s website.

The latest hardware gadgets & garden products

… from the National Hardware Show in Orlando, Florida.

  • Slime – smart solutions for flat tire prevention and repair,
  • the Scratch Patch – the memo pad you can stick anywhere,
  • the Allas NT – a designer, resizable toolbox,
  • Trimergy – an ergonomic accessory that helps take the work out of using many large garden power tools, and
  • Soil Most – a soil additive that reduces the amount of moisture needed for your plants to thrive.

Read more at The Daily Herald.

Hot New Gadgets & Products for a better garden

Check these out:

  • the Cordless Chainsaw from Black & Decker – lightweight and convenient
  • Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait by Spectrum – safer and more environmentally friendly
  • ReelSmart Hose Reels by Hydro-Industries – no cranking required, powered by water
  • Ooze Tube by Engineered Water Solutions – keeps new plantings “watered”, even through severe conditions
  • Termite Killer Granules by Bayer Advanced – single treatment,easier to use, and safer around children and pets after drying
  • the Adjustable Auto Wrench from Black & Decker – battery powered wrench that puts “190 foot-pounds of torque grip onto stubborn nuts and bolts”

For the full story, read A gaggle of gadgets for the garden.

Biometric Deadbolts – Kwikset SmartScan Resources

KwikSet SmartScan, as profiled on The Arizona Republic

Curious about the new fingerprint deadbolt coming out in June from Kwikset? Kwikset bills it as the “world’s first residential biometric keyless entry system”. “Right now it’s the only one of its kind for residential,” said Leo Hancock, a sales manager for Black & Decker. “It’s the wave of the future.” Consumer Reports has a video demonstration, taped at the recent International Builders’ Show in Orlando, FL. Highlights from the Consumer Reports advance product review and other research:

  • easy to use
  • swipe to open
  • tap 3 times to lock
  • sub dermal finger scan – works with dirty fingers
  • programmable for 50+ fingerprints
  • lock out feature – temporary access at specific days and times
  • backup key
  • replaces a standard deadbolt
  • standalone – uses AA batteries
  • RF Technology
  • Grade-1 security

From the press release:

“Consumer acceptance of biometric technology is accelerating,” says Eric Lundquist, director of brand marketing for Kwikset. “It is currently available on portable hard drives and IBM ThinkPad computers, as well as in grocery store checkouts, gas stations and automobiles. Biometrics is an emerging technology that gives consumers an increased level of home protection and peace of mind.”

Kwikset’s SmartScan is specifically designed as an effective, yet stylish alternative to the bulky, undistinguished industrial biometric security systems currently available. It delivers a sleek, attractive designer look and feel, with its biometric fingerprint reader stealthily integrated into the overall design. SmartScan is available in a variety of finishes, which carry a lifetime anti-tarnish warranty. SmartScan…it puts security and convenience right at your fingertips.

More preview information can be obtained directly from Kwikset’s website,

Robot Vacuum needs you less than you need it

The Electrolux Trilobite is a small robot that vacuums your home automatically … allowing you to “live your life while it thoroughly vacuums your home”.

Eluctrolux Trilobite Robot Vacuum

I’d heard about these things but never from a brand name vacuum manufacturer. Prototyped in 1997 and presented on a BBC program “Tomorrow’s World”, it’s finally coming to stores in 2007. I don’t think they’ve been working on it for the last 10 years, more like it’s being “reborn”. People are more receptive to the “robot vacuum” idea now and the technology is more advanced.

What do I mean by advanced? The batteries are more environmentally friendly. It has a flexible drive wheel suspension, four motors, and an LCD Display. You don’t need to put magnetic strips around the room anymore. It has much improved ultrasound navigation (sonar!) and will not bump into objects. If that’s not enough, it also docks and recharges itself when necessary (after about an hour).

You may need to add a couple of magnetic strips at doorways if you want to keep the vacuum cleaner in a confined space but this baby is smart enough to not know not to fall down the stairs and break itself; it has a built in infrared stair sensor.

Strictly from the household point of view, it has 3 cleaning programs – normal, quick, and spot vacuuming.

Is there a catch? Why yes, you still have to dump the dust box when it’s full. Otherwise it pretty much takes care of itself.

What about that other catch? Ah yes the price. About $1800 (cribcandy).

I found it odd that the Trilobite is named after a type of fossil, since it uses all this high-tech gadgetry and all. The explanation from the manufacturer:

The trilobite was a type of arthropod that vacuumed the ocean beds for small animals and particles about 250-560 million years ago. Its back was hard, and the trilobite is perhaps the best known of the fossils seen in walls, steps and flooring made of stone. This animal has lent its name and its shape to the new Trilobite vacuum cleaner.

You can see some less pricey (and probably less feature-packed) robot vacuums at the robot shop.

Let your cellphone be your butler

Ding dong. “Who’s there?”. If you’re in the shower or the basement, they’ll never hear you. If you’re in the garden, you won’t here them.

Waleli's GSM Doorbell

Enter the GSM (Global Standard for Mobile) Doorbell. This creative application of wireless technology allows you to answer the door remotely, even if you aren’t home.

How does it work? When a visitor presses your doorbell, your cellphone rings. When you answer, you can talk to your visitor directly and unlock the door by entering a PIN from your cell if need be.

This is a good for all kinds of situations. Forgot your keys? Phone home (using your cell of course) and let yourself in. Kids home early from school and don’t have keys? No need to leave work, you can just let them in. Big one for me because I like to order online – courier arrives needing a signature and you’re not there (always!)? Talk to him directly to make arrangements.

The GSM Doorbell also works as a regular doorbell when needed.

The product is being actively marketed to home security specialists and property developers as it is often integrated with electronic door systems. Currently available in Europe, Waleli hopes to go global with the product in the near future.

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