Deconstructing the big green hallucination

Want good, insightful reading on the challenges of the green revolution? Then look no further than Is it all a ‘green hallucination’?, a news report covering noted NY Times & Pulitzer prize winning journalist Thomas Friedman’s presentation at the Aspen Ideas Festival last night.

There have been a lot of global warning naysayers in the news lately but Friedman is not one of them; he believes the threat is real. In fact, there’s another problem at hand.

He isn’t buying the hype that humans are doing anything meaningful to promote global cooling …

There is a saying in the Pentagon that a vision without resources to act on it is a hallucination, Friedman said … “Right now I think we’re in the middle of a big green hallucination.”

Friedman goes on to label the global warming crisis as the greatest threat facing humankind – “We’re talking about changing the weather” and advocates that the word “green” be reinvented; ownership of the word needs to pass from “environmental extremists and granola eaters” into the mainstream.

Fascinating ideas from one of the controversial journalists of our time. Read more …

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  1. While I am not sure I agree with most of the vocal experts positons on global warming, I do agree going GREEN to be important. I take a different path to the same place because to me, going GREEN should mean that your over all housing expense are lowered. My company works hard to reduce the monthly power bill my clients get each month by 40% or more. I actually over achieve this mark very consistently and do with within a rather small cost of initial outlayed cash.

    So even if global warming is not the horrible thing it is being so widely discussed to be, if I ONLY reduce the amount of money people spend on utility bill costs, then I have provided a HUGE service to my clients. What I call a WIN WIN situation! AND if it is what it is being discussed to be then I have simply helped twice as much! LOL

    This much I do know, to me, the weather does seem to be changing, it does seem to be getting hotter. Here in SC, we had 15 days in a row (I believe I am right) in July, that were over 100 degrees and August was even worse. In SC as a whole, we have on average 231 days a year of temps equal to or over 90 degrees and that seems to be climbing.

    Do you realize that right now, there are bills in front of congress in DC, that will raise the cost of your monthly light bill? The reason they are still in front of congress is because the amount of that increase was going to be 50% higher monthly light bills, that amount was DETERMINED TO NOT BE ENOUGH!!!! That means, when it is passed, your monthly light bill will increase by OVER 50%, they are VERY seriously considering making it a full 100% increase!

    WHY, why would they do this, why would congress seriously be considering ARTIFICIALLY increasing the cost of a bill that EVERYONE, wealthy or poor have to pay each month? Get this, TO FORCE YOU TO LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF POWER THAT YOU USE!!!!

    And why you may ask, are they so intent on FORCING YOU TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF POWER YOU USE? Because the number 1 supplier of the green house gases associated with the reduction of our ozone layer, resulting in global warming…hold on…here it comes….YOUR POWER COMPANY!!!! Nope, it isn’t your cars, it is actually in order, your power company, airplanes, and then vehicle emisions!

    OK, so whay is this not batted around all over the press, why are none of the politicians running for president talking about this as a major platform position? Because they are running for office and they just do not want to tell you the bad news, unless they can find a way to blame the other party and have the solution that they can spin out to you and make you feel relieved! They don’t want to tell you bad news that THEY SUPPORT because that just might risk you casting that vote for their presidential aspirations!

    The raise in utility bills nationwide will become a major topic of discussion after we have a new president in office, no matter who that persona will be. It is a problem being kept from you right now but it will not be kept from you much longer. If you thought the melt down in the mortgage industry was bad, wait till you see this one! LOL

    Want to know another topic of future headlines that no one seems to either know about or care about…STRAY EMF from the electronics in your homes, from your cell phones, from that computer you are on right now, from your offices, literally EVERYWHERE YOU GO! I will be discussing this serious problem on my blog as well!!!

    Some experts are now suggesting, the most serious threat to our individual health and well being is not cancer or AIDS or any of the other deadly deseases out there…but it is the stray EMF emitted from all of the electronics we are bathed in every place we go or even staying at home. For the very reason you would not buy a home located under high tension power lines, you would fear the stray EMF emitted from those high tension high voltage power lines, you have allowed your home with all the electronics in it to act just like a home located under these heavy duty power lines! You may be able to sense, I am EXTREAMLY passionate about this potiential deadly topic, you really have to enage with me on my blog to discuss this!!!!


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