Let your cellphone be your butler

Ding dong. “Who’s there?”. If you’re in the shower or the basement, they’ll never hear you. If you’re in the garden, you won’t here them.

Waleli's GSM Doorbell

Enter the GSM (Global Standard for Mobile) Doorbell. This creative application of wireless technology allows you to answer the door remotely, even if you aren’t home.

How does it work? When a visitor presses your doorbell, your cellphone rings. When you answer, you can talk to your visitor directly and unlock the door by entering a PIN from your cell if need be.

This is a good for all kinds of situations. Forgot your keys? Phone home (using your cell of course) and let yourself in. Kids home early from school and don’t have keys? No need to leave work, you can just let them in. Big one for me because I like to order online – courier arrives needing a signature and you’re not there (always!)? Talk to him directly to make arrangements.

The GSM Doorbell also works as a regular doorbell when needed.

The product is being actively marketed to home security specialists and property developers as it is often integrated with electronic door systems. Currently available in Europe, Waleli hopes to go global with the product in the near future.

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  1. Doesn’t this make it easier for visitors (and potential burglars) to know if you’re home or not?
    Background sounds on your conversation or even social engineer attacks (“If you’re home why don’t you come to the door?”) make this actually worse than a dummy doorbell ding donger. Sometimes more communication is not a good thing.

    I am trying to decide what to put for my front door (door bell that came with house is dead). If I add any sort of device that lets people create more sound than knocking, how is this an advantage to me? Anyone that wants to contact me and “get my attention no matter what” will have my cell number. (Like my neighbors for fires, etc.) If I make anonymous people that come to my door knock, they have a limited ability to annoy me. I have a number keypad on my door in case I need to allow people in. If they know me and call me and give a good emergency reason, I can just give them the code.

    Maybe during halloween when I expect lots of anonymous visitors, I can put up a simple $20 wireless ding-donger from Walmart or something. Still trying to decide what all my options are.

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