Product Recall: Black & Decker GH1000 Grasshog XP String Trimmer / Edgers

Black & Decker GH1000 weed wacker recalled

About 202,000 Black and Decker hedge trimmers are being recalled due to being a projectile and laceration hazard as well as a burn hazard. There have been 707 reported incidents as well as 58 injuries. Sounds like this “made in China” but branded in the USA product is a real winner.

Here is the latest information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission news release:

Hazard: The trimmer/edger’s spool, spool cap and pieces of trimmer string can come loose during use and become airborne projectiles, posing a laceration hazard to the user as well as bystanders. The trimmer/edgers can also overheat posing a burn hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Black & Decker has received 707 reports of incidents, including 58 reports of injuries. Serious injuries included cuts to two consumers’ legs that required medical attention. Minor injuries included bruises, lacerations, and facial injuries such as a welt and broken skin over a consumer’s eye. There were also reports of property damage, including two broken windows.

Description: The Black & Decker GH1000 Grasshog XP String Trimmers/Edgers are electric-powered. Trimmer/edgers with date codes 200546 through 200645 (representing manufacture dates of November 14, 2005 through November 6, 2006) are included in this recall. The date code is located on the underside of the trimmer/edger’s handle. Only trimmers with black spools caps are included in the recall. Those with orange spool caps are not included in the recall.

Consumers are advised to stop using the string trimmers / edgers described above immediately and contact Black & Decker for a free repair toolkit.

You can phone Black & Decker at 1 (888) 742-9158 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

More information is available at the Black & Decker Customer Center online or you can download the Safety Recall Notice PDF directly.

Recalled Black & Decker Grasshog GH1000 Trimmers / Edgers

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  1. When working with it out of the box, I liked the high action and power of this weedeater, Once the cap blew off 1 time after about 2 months of owning and used about 10 times, Its been a headache of respooling about 7 times and tantrumly thrown after the 7th respooling and still blowing apart at the bottom. I came across the recall notice. Will further update comment after I receive my ” Fix It Parts” from the company. As of this moment I would not recommend this product. I would appreciate if someone with the newer model ” orange cap version” or the repaired with > “fix it parts” would reply to comment. CHINA CRAP SHIT RUINING COUNTRY Thought B&D was USA or would not have purchased to begin with.

  2. Hi,

    I too was enraged by the flawed design. As a last resort I looked on the web to see if others had similar experiences. What a surprise to find that a recall had been initiated. I applied for the retrofit parts and received the kit within a short time, complete with a new spool of line. Installation was a snap and the product has not flown apart since.
    My new problem is that the plastic drive gear has melted after getting the whip caught in some heavy weeds.
    The gear is not available as a separate part. The rubber drive belt is fine. The aluminum idler gear on the motor shaft is fine. The motor is fine. In order to get the melted gear replaced, on has to purchase the entire motor assembly to the tune of $60. .

    This is ridiculous!
    I’m sorry to see B&D product fail in such a way. I thought that they had good products until now.

  3. This at first glance is an awesome tool, it is light, easy to use and eats up grass like no tomorrow. It also eats trimming twine just as quickly as it does grass. I can’t make it through my yard with a single spool of twine and I don’t have a large yard at all.

    Compared to other trimmers I have owned in the past, this machine ranks very low in satisfaction. The time saved with the power and features is more than lost in dealing with changing spools/twine. I’d recommend another tool. Mine IS NOT one of the recalled units!

  4. used 3 times and the drive belt broke.

  5. I used my GH1000 string trimmer for an hour and it worked great, then it stopped. I took it apart and saw the two inch pully was striped of its teeth. I couldn’t take it apart and learned that it is not reparable. I searched for a fix and found one. I have a small B&D router. The router chuck could be attached to the flexable trimmer drive shaft. I removed the original trimmer motor, sawed out a section of the plastic trimmer housing and mounted the router inside the trimmer housing. It works great with the power and speed required. I can send you a photo of it. Contact me at

  6. I have owned this tool for several years. My 1st spool seemed to last forever. every single spool thereafter has blown green spagetti all over my lawn. I go through a spool almost everytime I weed eat. the tool is great, the consumption of line is also great. there is definitly wrong with the feedout design, or else something has “broken” after the 1st factory spool. any suggestions? anyone else experience this and find a solution short of a new weedeater/linefeeder?

  7. I also had a problem with the plastic drive pully. This unit is only a few months old and borrowed to boot. I thought it was just the belt that had come apart, but upon further inspection, I realized that the plastic pully had melted also. Pully not available. How nice. I like the way it handles, but if it won’t stand up to normal use what’s the point?

  8. My first electric trimmer and I went with a name I could “trust”. I’m not impressed with the “no bump” line feed. It either doesn’t work at all, and you have to stop and remove the spool cap to feed more line, or it begins feeding line and doesn’t stop! You wind up with long pieces of spooling line whacked off by the cutting edge, if it doesn’t bog down because it can’t handle the amount of twine being fed.

    Upon seeing the recall I thought “that explains it” but mine is not one of the recalled units although I’ve been hit with quite a few pieces of line. I don’t use it without wearing safety glasses. Yes, I know it’s recommended to do that always but with this one you don’t dare NOT to. Stay away from this one.

  9. Worst. Trimmer. Ever.

    I purchased a B&D GrassHog when I first bought my house. It lasted a summer before the motor burned up. I salvaged some parts and bought a compatible model (GH1000.) One month later the drive disconnected from the motor.

    The heck with the recall. I’m just tossing mine and buying a better product.

  10. I have the one with the orange cap and it is also a problem. I came across this site looking for a new spool. The orange cap shot off while I was working with it and the spool is nowhere to be seen. The trimmerline is wrapped tightly around the trimmer under the edge of the protective thing. I have had a lot of trouble with the line melting or getting pulled so that it ends up under the other line in the spool. I think it is a piece of junk but then everyone I have had has been a problem. I just have a plan to get so much time for so much money paid and then buy a new on.

  11. I have the newer B&D Grasshog with the orange cap. I have a 3 inch scar on my leg from where the line flew out of it and hit my ankle. I constantly have to restring this tool. It is not only a grasshog but a string hog as well. The tool is dangerous Iwould not reccommend it to anyone.

  12. This product should be renamed:


  13. This fine piece of B&D junk last me exactly 11 months before the drive disconnected from the motor. I also confirm with other posters that it eats through twine like a fat lady through a Whitman’s Sampler and will frequently throw pieces of twine dangerously during use.

    This is not the first B&D product I have owned that has crapped out within 2 years, but it will most definitely be my last. I’m sticking with Craftsman from now on, let’s see if they fare any better with producing good gear.

  14. I agree wholeheartedly with all of the comments posted before mine. Last straw for me was having to restring it 22 times in short succession. I was just trying to finish the other half of my front yard! After restringing, I would turn on the trimmer and it would let out a foot or more of string within 2-3 rotations!!! Went to Home Depot where I bought it and they were selling the same trimmer. Thanks to the recent new posts stating that they were having problems with the NEW trimmer as well as the “fixed” trimmers. I won’t waste my time any longer and will purchase another brand’s trimmer tomorrow.

  15. I have one of your model gh1000 xp with an orange cover. the orange cover along with the spool have flown out several times, just missing a neighbor in one incident. why aren’t you fixing this also. it has the same problem as the one with the black cover. i purchased this unit at the local lowes store here in hendersonville, tn. in 2007.also you need to reinvent the string you sell for this unit. in use it has broken off and hit me many times. the store sells this unit for around eight dollars and at times i have used an entire roll just for one edeging. please fix this dangerous stuff or get out of the business

  16. I am glad to see that it has not been just me having trouble with this product. Mine(GH700), too, is not one of the recalled ones, unless it is not listed yet. I also have had problems with the tool feeding too much line and find it strewn around my yard after working with it. It does not feed the line as well as it should, either, unless it is feeding too much! Many times I have to stop and pull more line out, which is why I had purchased a new weedeater in the first place. My old one was doing the same thing, although it was not B&D.

    My other complaint about this model (GH700) is the noise level. It is so loud it could wake the dead! It also puts out more vibrations than my old model. I feel like I’ve been thoroughly shaken from head to toe by the time I have finished my yard.

    Have also had a problem with the spool overheating, which I suppose means the motor itself is overheating. Thought it was just me using it for too long a time, but after reading other people’s comments here, maybe not.

    I, too, would not recommend this product. Wish I had taken mine back after the first use and gotten my money back.

  17. I bougnt the grasshog knowing I would hate dealing with the electric line, but I thought it would be better than not finishing my lawn because of the battery running out of energy on a different kind. Worst weed eater I have ever owned. The electric cord is the least of my problems. No smooth straight edge possible. When the string feeds out the edger jerks and gauges holes in the lawns edge. Worst edger ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. have problems with the XP 1000, 2007-19. the spooling, the going through a double spool within 30 minutes, and within this is it cuts the only top part of the grass, the edging broke it down, and not worked since.

    finding replacement parts, even where you purchased, and still looking on line has been another issue.
    Growing Up I recognized B&D as a good name, What has changed? These are products I have used throughout my life, and really don’t want to be disappointed and grouchy– but I am tired of new parts, when they aren’t available having to purchase a new one.

    Are there any recalls on the Grasshog 1000XP in 2007? any company concerns of such?

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